5 Reasons & Ways to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

As speech-language pathologists, we do so much at work to serve special needs children and their families. The work is challenging yet very rewarding when you see the progress  made by children with communication, developmental disorders, and/or language based learning disabilities.  It is important to remember to keep a positive mindset at work. This is an integral key to enhancing SLP work success.

Here are 5 reasons to have an attitude of gratitude:

1.  You will feel refreshed when you think about people, things, and events that you are grateful for.

2.  It keeps you motivated to continue doing the best that you can to teach speech/language skills to children and adolescents.

3.  Families often are happy to see the benefit of what their children are learning in speech & language therapy each week.

4.  Over time, teachers will observe how the child’s speech-language skills are generalizing to the classroom and throughout the school environment.

5.  Children can sense when you are grateful & enjoy working with them and many will be more motivated to participate in speech & language therapy sessions.

5 Ways to Express an Attitude of Gratitude:

1. Tell someone at work that you appreciate something that he or she has done.

2. Keep a gratitude jar on your desk and write notes about people, things,  and events that you are grateful for. Try to keep this related to work so than you can truly enhance your SLP work success.

3. Show appreciation for co-workers on their birthday or holidays throughout the year. Give them a birthday card or make a special effort to speak to them that day to show them that you care.

4. Reward your speech-language students with fun incentives after achieving a goal or working hard in a session. They may earn time on your ipad, a sticker, edible treat, game time, etc.

5. Keep inspirational posters in your workspace to remind you to be grateful in all things and at all times.

I hope these 5 reasons & ways to have an attitude of gratitude will be helpful to you when you return to work in January 2017! Have a great rest of the year.


Tamara Anderson

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