Categorization Bundle Activity # 3- English/Language Arts Vocabulary Categorization Cards

The third activity in my English/Language Arts Vocabulary Categorization bundle are task cards. There are two levels of tasks cards that cover Tier I (everyday vocabulary words) and Tier III (E/LA words). Students have to complete sentences with the correct Tier I or Tier III term.  The first level targets questions for students in grades K-2 and the second level targets questions for students primarily in grades 3-5. However, I also suggest using Tier I words with upper grades students as a warm up activity prior to them learning to name vocabulary words in the Tier III English/Language Arts categories. 

Over the years, I have observed first hand that students with language disorders have difficulties processing verbal/written information, organizing information, remembering content, and expressing information. When speech-language pathologists or teachers provide them direct instruction in the area of categorization, it addresses all these skills in one activity. 

These categorization task cards are an ideal way to address vocabulary as well as the skills mentioned above. Here is a preview of the two levels of tasks cards provided. 

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Tamara Anderson, Ed.S., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

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