Categorization Bundle Activity # 5: Speech-Language and Language Arts Category Book

Here is a preview of the last activity in my English/Language Arts Comprehensive Categorization packet. This resource is perfect for use by speech-language pathologists or teachers to instruct students on English/Language Arts Common Core Standards vocabulary words.  The category book is designed for use with students in grades 3-5. However, this is also a good review for 6th grade students in middle school.

I suggest laminating a copy of the book to use during whole group  instruction and attaching velcro to affix words in the correct categories. The SLP or teacher should first complete a mini lesson by explaining the meanings of the category names and providing examples. Then the teacher should show students how to classify the terms into the different categories in the book. After the students understand the instructions, the SLP or teacher may distribute the individual book seen below for them to complete individually or with assistance. Depending on the students’ language processing skills, this activity may need to be addressed over more than one speech language therapy session.

This book includes 11 vocabulary categories such as parts of speech, types of literature, parts of sentences, types of sentences, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, story vocabulary, figurative language,  text features, and types of writing. Students need to cut out the 14 groups of vocabulary words provided and sort them in the correct groups. Three groups will need to be sorted into a previously used category. Next the SLP or teacher should check students work for accuracy and then have them glue the words in their book.
So you may think, what is the significance of teaching this skill? Students need to learn ways to effectively organize and input academic content into their brains so they can easily retrieve the information. Direct instruction in categorization will enable students with and without language disorders as well as language based learning disabilities to improve their receptive vocabulary knowledge. Additionally, this resource may contribute to improving their short term, working memory, and long term memory skills.

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Tamara Anderson, E.d.S., CCC-SLP
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