Diversity & Culture in the Black Community

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Warner, CEO, Author, Speaker, and Change Agent about Diversity & Culture in the Black Community. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his family and is originally from Miami, Florida. Mr. Warner is a graduate of Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida, a Historically Black University, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations. He earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Mr. Warner is the Chief Vision Officer and thought leader behind the Own the Vision Academy, an online learning marketplace where subject matter experts teach in their subject as well as the visionary behind the non-profit, Own The Vision Foundation, with a mission to build an economic infrastructure for Black America. Mr. Warner is a public relationships and marketing practitioner by trade who began his career in local government.

After his government tenure, Mr. Warner worked with top communications agencies in consulting and developing essential marketing/branding strategies for some of the world’s most prominent corporations, universities, professional athletes and nonprofit organizations. An advocate and purveyor of life learning, he has made a mark as guest lecturer at universities on marketing, public relations, crisis communications, brand management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Mr. Warner often leads conversations on race, equity, economics, and community empowerment. He is the author of the forthcoming book, The Success Equation, the missing ingredient in business, community, life, and relationships. During the interview, he provided a unique perspective as a Black professional and father on the topic of culture. He discussed the significance of affirming cultural identities of Black children, success keys for Black children to navigate the public school system, graduate university, and/or vocational training. Mr. Warner spoke about the importance of fostering successful school environments when teaching Black children from a parent’s perspective. Additionally, we discuss how professionals can foster increased collaboration between sectors such as non-profit, business, and education to attain more culturally responsive and successful communities. You may listen to the interview here. I welcome your comments below.


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  • Jacqueline Anderson says:

    Very informative interview. Parents and educators are encouraged to link students with mentors. This is especially necessary when students do not have appropriate role models in their homes.

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