Back to School Baseline Bundle{Vocabulary & Grammar}


Back to School Baseline Bundle{Vocabulary & Grammar}


Grade Levels: K – 5th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Other (Arts), Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Activities, Assessment, Printables

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 73 pages



This is a 73 page bundle of 4 products that will enable speech-language pathologists to quickly assess baseline or beginning of the year data with their students. SLPs may also use these products to instruct students during therapy sessions. Educators may use this product as well during language arts mini lessons. SLPs and Educators should decide if they prefer to use this as a data collection or instructional tool. Best practices require that you do not teach to the test, rather you use separate resources for assessment and instruction. In my TPT store, I like to provide my buyers with practical and effective options.

This resource is ideal for use to address 300 vocabulary and grammar learning targets. In this bundle, you will receive the following:

Homophones – 40 words
Homographs- 70 words
Irregular Plural Nouns – 20 nouns
Irregular Past Tense Verbs- 50 verbs
Synonyms- 50 words
Antonyms- 50 words
Word Association- 20 words

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