Basic Concepts Baseline Data & Progress Check

Basic Concepts Baseline Data & Progress Check


This is a data collection tool to assess children’s knowledge of qualitative and spatial concepts. There are different levels of elicitations probes. It can also be used effectively to gather data during speech/language teletherapy.


Direct instruction of basic language concepts is essential for students with language based disorders and learning challenges. Speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, ESOL teachers, or regular education teachers may use this learning activity to assess their students’ knowledge of spatial/location and quality/adjective vocabulary. A solid understanding of these language concepts is necessary for students to improve their abilities to follow verbal directions and improve their literacy skills. Vocabulary skills are one of the foundations for effective listening comprehension, oral language, reading, and writing.

In this activity, you will receive 50 vocabulary elicitation cards for each level as your guide to collect baseline data (pre-assessment), progress check data, and post intervention data (post-assessment). Give students 1 step verbal directions paired with objects or pictures. Record if they completed the tasks correctly on the data collection forms.

There are 4 levels of elicitation cards:

1) receptive ID- school themed illustrations with text

*Pair with classroom object prompts. For example, say “put the card on top of the bookshelf.” “Now, put this card in the basket.”

2) direct instruction- concept picture prompts with text (Use to model appropriate verbal expression)

3) receptive ID- concept picture prompts only

* Give children a field of picture choices so they can point to the concept requested.

4) expressive naming- concept picture prompts with cloze sentences

This product is intended to be used as an informal assessment tool and for direct instruction (with level 2 cards) throughout the school year as needed for each student. This tool is also a criterion referenced test as it measures children’s performance on specific basic concept targets. Therefore, it is best practice to use this resource solely for assessment. However, I have found that the level 2 cards for direct instruction serve as verbal models to provide children with accurate examples.

TELEPRACTICE RECOMMENDATION: Print the data recording pages. Then you can easily take data using this tool during telepractice or online speech speech services. Use the Level 3 pages and share the screen. Have the child point to the correct picture (if he/she can control the remote on Zoom, etc). For in person services, the child can use a pointer to ID his/her answer when you project the screen. If you need data on expressing basic concepts, use Level 4 pages.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].

Thanks for your support! I enjoy creating resources for all of us to build speech & language skills in our wonderful clients and students! 🙂


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