Functional WH Questions FREEBIE

Functional WH Questions FREEBIE


Grade Levels: PreK – 5th

Subjects: Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Assessment, Printables

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 5 pages


Speech-language pathologists or teachers should administer this Functional WH Questions quick data check or informal progress monitoring tool to children prior to beginning targeted intervention services. It is intended for preschool-elementary school age children who are working on building receptive and expressive language skills. It is important for children to understand and answer questions related to themselves. This will build their functional communication skills across settings. This is ideal for pediatric speech language therapists who work in the school or private practice settings. You may use it with children with speech/language impairment, autism, intellectual impairment, and specific learning disability, or those not yet identified with special education needs.

After several speech-language therapy or intervention sessions, you may repeat this quick data check to monitor progress. Write the percentage of accuracy at the top of the form. Hopefully, your client or student will improve his or her ability to comprehend and answer functional “wh” questions. Results from this quick data check will provide information about the skills children can and/or can not do on the date of the informal evaluation. The results can assist in future speech/language therapy session planning or to make decisions for students in the RTI process in the public school system.

Use my separate WH questions progress monitoring tool for access to 165 question probes about a variety of topics.

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Tamara Anderson
Speech Language Pathologist
Education Specialist


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