Informal Assessments Early Language

Informal Assessments Early Language


This is a data collection tool that is a bundle of 3 individual products. This effective tool measures a child’s ability to answer wh questions, yes/no questions, and answer divergent/convergent categorization questions.


This is an essential product that was created to improve the ease of data collection for SLPs working with children in Pre-K through 2nd grade. You may use it with older students too in a life skills class. Speech-Language Therapy Informal Assessments for Early Language skills contains WH Questions Progress Monitoring, Yes & No Questions Data Check, & Categories Data Check. You will be able to quickly evaluate critical receptive & expressive language skills of young children. Select the portion of the tool that you want to administer. It is not meant to be given in it’s entirety at one time. There are 280 questions!

The WH Questions tool contains 12 progress monitoring forms with a total of 160 questions including:
1) 25 Who Questions: 10 for Baseline & Post Intervention, 5 for 2 week interval checks (3 of these)
*same for what, where, when, and why questions
2) 25 What Questions
3) 25 Where Questions
4) 25 When Questions
5) 25 Why Questions
6) 40 Mixed WH Questions: 25 for Baseline & Post Intervention, 5 for 2 week interval checks (3 of these)

The Yes & No Questions Data Check contains 4 forms and 40 questions.
1) 10 questions (self/basic knowledge)
2) 10 questions (community helpers)
3) 10 questions (object function)
4) 10 questions (categories)

The Categories Data Check contains 8 forms to quickly assess divergent and convergent naming tasks. There are 10 questions on each form for a total of 80 questions. The last 2 forms provide an opportunity for you to write your own questions to informally assess the important language processing skill of categorization.

If you have any questions, you can ask it on this page or email me at [email protected]. You may also read descriptions and reviews on individual product pages as the included 3 components of these informal assessments can be purchased separately.

I desire to make quality products for speech-language pathologists. I value your feedback and you will earn TPT credits towards future purchases when you do so.

Tamara Anderson
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