SLPs Have Ways of Making You Speak & Understand { Link up & Purchase SLP Products}

Pediatric speech-language pathologists have an awesome job of teaching children the skills they need to communicate verbally, using picture exchange, or using a communication device! We also enable them to improve their comprehension of numerous language skills that are the underpinnings for attaining communication, academic and social success! 

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I am also linking up with Jenna, SLP at to share my recommendations of products in my store and also what I plan to purchase from other fantastic SLPs. 

From my store, I recommend these resources to ensure that your speech-language therapy sessions are educationally relevant while addressing your students objectives:

                 Non-fiction Language Intervention with Tier II Vocabulary


                                       Tier I Vocabulary Informal Assessment

                                   Tier III Curriculum Vocabulary Intervention

                        Tier III Curriculum Vocabulary Informal Assessment

Here are some items that I plan to purchase: 

                        Twin Speech Language & Literacy LLC

                                                             The Speech Space

                                                   Jenna, Speech Room News

                                         Maureen, The Speech Bubble SLP


Kim, The School SLP

Thanks for reading the blog today. Make sure you click the link here to see other suggestions on awesome SLP resources:

Tamara Anderson


  • Kim Jarvis says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I have been using my Language Sample Checklist a lot this week (because of a never ending list of comprehensive evaluations) to make the write up easier 🙂 It flows much better when I use the checklist! Thanks! Enjoy!

  • You're welcome! Thanks for creating this. I look forward to using this to help analyze & summarize findings from speech language samples! 🙂

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