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Welcome to BSL Speech & Language!

It is my desire that you enjoy this journey via the blog with Building Successful Lives – Speech & Language Services. I have worked as a speech language pathologist for the past 8 1/2 years with both children and adults in the medical, home health, private practice, and school settings. I have thoroughly enjoyed providing therapy services for my patients, clients, and students. As you other SLPs know, effective communication skills are essential for social, academic, and overall life success. I truly believe that SLPs have one of the BEST jobs in the world because we have the opportunity to teach people how to speak and understand language whether it be a child with a developmental speech & language delay, a teenager who stutters, or an adult learning to regain language and cognitive skills after a stroke.

The mission of BSL Speech & Language Services is to promote knowledge about pediatric communication disorders, interventions, and neurodevelopmental disabilities while also sharing success stories about children’s progress as a result of speech-language therapy. Another goal is to provide therapists, special education teachers, and parents with valuable resources that they can use with children who have speech/language delays or disorders.

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