So many children today have a very limited knowledge about the influence of African Americans in the United States. A great way to teach students about this is by reading them biographies, historical fiction and non-fiction text. I enjoy reading aloud to children in my speech-language therapy lessons. They learn factual informational while also practicing

Pediatric speech-language pathologists have an awesome job of teaching children the skills they need to communicate verbally, using picture exchange, or using a communication device! We also enable them to improve their comprehension of numerous language skills that are the underpinnings for attaining communication, academic and social success!  Guess what? Today is a special day

It is important to remember to be patient and optimistic when providing pediatric speech-language therapy services. Often times, children will not immediately learn speech language strategies. It takes repetitive verbal modeling, visual cues, and tactile cues for kids to acquire new skills. Many children with intellectual impairments struggle with learning how to correctly pronounce various

Thank you so much Tamara for letting me guest blog  today!  My name is Aersta Acerson and I have been given the wonderful opportunity of sharing a speech success story  with you today.  First, let me say Happy  Blogiversary to Building Successful Lives!  I love all the fun things happening here in this extended celebration!

I know it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but some SLP blogger friends and I want to give you a head start on your speech-language therapy activities for February.  After all, today is February 1st and Superbowl Sunday! Your brain may be thinking about all those commercials and game day snacks/beverages rather than planning lessons for