7 Days Until Vacation! Say What? Celebrate with a Sale!

I am thrilled that I will soon be on winter break until 2015! I can not wait. Now is a great time to add new resources to your speech/language therapy materials to make your sessions a breeze for the rest of the year and beginning in January. My TPT store is on sale  20 % off starting today-Thursday December 18th. I definitely recommend my progress monitoring tools and winter themed activities. You can find these easily in my store at the top of the page at: www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Tamara-Anderson

I have been doing lots of winter themed activities to keep my students’ interest and of course to provide their necessary speech/language interventions. This week, I read aloud, There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, Snow Dog Go Dog, and Matt & Molly snowman story with various groups. 

My students also practiced oral language skills with correct subject/verb agreement. I also used lots of activities to build their receptive grammar knowledge such as is/are sorting with fill-in-the blank sentences. 

My 5th grade students practiced Tier II vocabulary by using context clues to figure out the meanings of words in written sentences and paragraphs. Some groups made semantic maps to review Tier III or English/Language Arts vocabulary by making semantic maps. For example, a few of them were struggling with remembering the differences between the types of writing so I modeled how to make a semantic map for these key words. Making and using semantic maps to recall content is an evidence based strategy to improve comprehension of vocabulary and key ideas. 

Always remember that as SLPs, we frequently make adjustments in our intervention approaches and activities based on the responses of our students. So its always great to have a few resources available each session that you can use to instruct students and to switch it up as needed. 

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