Executive Functioning & ADHD with Speech Language Pathologist, Michael McLeod

Did you know that there is a correlation between children with language impairment and verbal/nonverbal measures of executive functioning? In fact, executive functioning involves higher order language and cognitive skills. These skills are highly connected with academic and life success. Executive functioning (EF) includes areas of working memory, cognitive flexibility, and self regulation. Often times,  individuals with executive dysfunction have difficulty with planning, organizing, and task initiation. Many children and adolescents who receive speech/language services in the school or private practice settings may have difficulty with executive functioning.

Last month, I interviewed Michael McLeod, an ASHA certified speech language pathologist and executive functioning/ADHD specialist. He is the owner of GrowNow Therapy Services, LLC, a specialized private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a clinician, he focuses on the unique skill of Internal Language while constructing interpersonal relationships and meaningful varied experiences for students. He utilizes the evidence-based GrowNow Model, a holistic approach towards decreasing prompt dependency, fostering independence, strengthening Executive Functions, through the lens of the academic, social, and emotional methodology.

During this interview, Michael clearly explains executive functioning in depth and how important it is to daily and independent life skills. He explains what a child or adolescent with executive functioning challenges may experience regularly in the school and home environments. He discusses the role of speech language pathologists in targeting executive functioning in therapy sessions vs. popular social language groups. Additionally, he shares practical tips that speech language pathologists can provide teachers and families to improve the academic and daily functioning for children and adolescents with ADHD. You definitely need to watch this interview. Speech/language pathologists will learn practical tips  to provide those who struggle with executive functioning.  It may be just what you need as a clinician to ignite new learning for your clients or students with language impairment, executive dysfunction, and ADHD. Michael has traveled internationally, presenting and training families and professionals on his unique GrowNow Treatment Model for fostering Executive Functions & Resiliency. Make sure that you access this excellent information.

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I welcome your comments on my website. If you are an SLP, educator, or parent with further questions feel free to contact me or Michael McLeod. I am available to answer any questions and connect you with the appropriate specialized services as needed.


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