Historical African Americans {Speech Language Therapy & Curriculum Unit}

Historical African Americans {Speech Language Therapy & Curriculum Unit}


Grade Levels: 4th – 8th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Special Education, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Thematic Unit Plans, Activities, Literacy Center Ideas

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 29 pages


Students with language disorders and language based learning disabilities need specific instruction in the areas of comprehension, context clues, compare/contrast, and word associations. General education students also need practice with these skills to demonstrate mastery of language processing skills.

This Historical African Americans unit is ideal for use by speech-language pathologists and educators to instruct students on the skills mentioned above. There are 7 non-fiction passages included in this product to be used as listening comprehension or reading comprehension activities over several learning sessions. The Tier 2 vocabulary questions will provide students opportunities to use context clues and inferencing skills to identify the meanings of vocabulary words from a field of 3 choices. They can also practice comparing and contrasting African Americans in this unit verbally and using the included Venn Diagram to organize the ideas from the non-fiction passages. There is additional practice of naming word associations related to the target Historical African Americans in this product: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Madame C.J. Walker, Michelle Obama, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Toni Morrison

There are 46 comprehension questions, 70 context clues questions, compare/contrast writing practice page, and 7 word association practice opportunities with a writing practice page. This will provide up to 7 weeks of speech-language therapy practice for students that attend 2 sessions weekly. This unit may last 2-4 weeks in a special or general education classroom. You may even send home certain passages & sections of the unit for homework if you would like.

You may use this lesson as a printable lesson, whole group SMART Board lesson, or download on your iPad and save in iBook.

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