Language Processing Bundle


Language Processing Bundle


Grade Levels: PreK – 5th

Subjects: Special Education, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Activities, Printables

Formats Included: Zip



This is a language processing bundle of activities that should be used by a speech language pathologist to teach children about labeling nouns, verbs, associations, categorization, similarities/differences, multiple meanings, and describing nouns. Children with communication and language disorders will learn how to label or name 10 nouns, 10 verbs/object function, 10 word associations, 10 categories, explain 10 similarities/differences of basic tier I words, identify/explain multiple meaning words, and describe 10 nouns by attributes in these therapeutic activities. This resource includes real photos to help kids learn.

Special education teachers may use it as well to build language skills of children with special needs. This is ideal for children with specific language impairment, autism, learning disabilities, and/or intellectual disorders. This BUNDLE is perfect to use in teletherapy during individual and group therapy sessions. It’s good to use for in person speech/language therapy too and as a printable lesson & practice.

Remember the language processing hierarchy of semantic skills is:
1. nouns
2. verbs
3. associations
4. categorization
5. similarities
6. differences
7. multiple meanings
8. attributes

Vocabulary development is essential and foundational for effective receptive and expressive language in all children. This resource is a must have for all pediatric speech language pathologists to remediate weak language processing areas in children with special needs.

*If you need a data collection tool for language processing, check out my Vocabulary Progress Monitoring tool. This is a growing bundle to include all skills in the language processing hierarchy.

If you would like more explanation on language processing skills, you can check out this mini lesson :

and this bundle:

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Education Specialist
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