Non-Fiction Language Bundle


Non-Fiction Language Bundle


Grade Levels: 4th – 8th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies – History, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Activities, Printables, Literacy Center Ideas

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 55 pages


This Non-Fiction Language Bundle is excellent for use during speech-language therapy or language arts lessons. Your students will have a variety of activities to practice their language skills for several weeks. This product can be printed, used in a telepractice platform, via ipad, or projected on a Smartboard.

The first product is a Historical African Americans Unit that has 7 non-fiction passages. There are 46 comprehension questions, 70 context clues questions(Tier 2 vocab), compare/contrast pages, and 7 word association practice opportunities.

The second product is a Historical Irish Americans Unit that has 6 non-fiction passages. There are 36 comprehension questions, 60 context clues questions (Tier 2 vocab), compare/contrast pages, and 5 word association practice opportunities.

For more details check out the individual product pages for Historical Americans in my custom categories.

This is a growing bundle so purchase it today to maximize savings. The next units will be about Historical American Presidents (February), Women (March/April), Asian Americans (May), Explorers (June/July), Hispanic Americans (September/October) and Native Americans (November). Purchase your copy today as the Bundle price will increase with additional language units added.

I strive to create quality language products and I value your feedback. Remember that you will receive TPT credits towards future purchases when you leave feedback. Click on the star to follow my store to stay current with all the latest announcements.

Thanks for your support!

Tamara Anderson
Speech-Language Pathologist
Education Specialist


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