Tell Me About Summer Stories

I love hearing great stories! Lately it’s been from friends over dinner or a juicy summer story with a friend on the phone! No gossip…just sharing some interesting life happenings. I have also been reading some great books. 

Well, in speech-language therapy, it is critical that children are taught how to retell fiction stories. They need to understand the sequence of events and key story elements such as character, character trait, setting, introduction, problem, solution, conclusion, etc. They need practice with verbally communicating narratives. It’s a good thing that most speech-language pathologists and educators know how to read with expression to really grab the attention of children. This helps keep children engaged during literacy lessons.

Summer is a great time to read new stories to children and have them practice retelling the story in the correct sequence with key details. Here are some great summer stories for young kids:



Now for those of you working with private practice kiddos this summer you definitely need my best selling Oral Story Retelling Rubric. School-based SLPs this is a must have for you as well. Many of you will be back to your regular SLP awesome life in the schools very soon! 🙂

Here are what some buyers have said about this product:

“I am very happy about this rubric. It is a great resource for me to figure out what I need to focus on more with students. I like the grading system as well.”

“The rubric addresses areas that I focus on in therapy. I do not have to generate my own, which saves me time in the planning process as well as when writing IEP goals.”

“This is a great visual to use to show the students as well! Love it! Thanks!”

There are still a few weeks left of official summer. So keep reading summer stories and have speech-language kiddos tell you about them! What are some children’s books that you think young kiddos love in the summer? I’d love to hear your favorites! 🙂


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