Anderson Multicultural Books- Children’s Book Launch

The mission of Anderson Multicultural Books LLC is for children and families around the world to develop a love for literacy and an appreciation for individuals from diverse cultures. Communities are enriched by preserving, embracing, and encouraging cultural diversity. It is the co-existence of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious groups within a society. Multiculturalism enriches communities rather than a belief in a dominant culture. Anderson Multicultural Books also honors and supports linguistic diversity. Many individuals around the world are bilingual and multilingual. Most families in the United States also have ancestral roots from Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and/or Central America. We are different yet similar in many ways. The books that are promoted by the company will reflect diversity from the nations around the world.

The debut children’s book, Yikes, I Saw a Barracuda! was officially released on August 14, 2022. Speech-language pathologist, education specialist, author, and consultant, Tamara Anderson and Jamaican illustrator/artist Rachel Moss are excited about this collaboration to contribute to the literacy space of Caribbean artists. The first book signing event was held at the annual ball and scholarship awards hosted by the Atlanta Jamaican Association for the 60th Independence Celebration! It was an amazing event!


This book is the first in the series with the characters, the Edwards family. They are going to take you on their journey. They are a Caribbean American family who has new experiences and life lessons to share with you. Have you read a children’s book or any book by a Caribbean author? What about with a Caribbean illustrator? Many have not. You will have the opportunity to do BOTH. That’s why REPRESENTATION is significant. Children and families need to see themselves reflected in the literature. Additionally, individuals from other backgrounds need access to literature that expands their library collection and world view. After all, we truly live in a global society.

In the book, Alexandra and her brother Samuel are beyond excited because they are going somewhere that they haven’t been before. This trip is not an ordinary beach vacation. Different country. New adventure. They are excited to be at la playa! They race to the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea while their parents lean back and enjoy the breeze. Another day, they begin their trek to the dock. Snorkel, check. Fins, check. Life vest, check. Underwater sights await them. What will they encounter?

This book is ideal for families to enjoy a lighthearted, fun, and captivating story. It’s recommended for children in grades K-3 and up to 5th grade for children with special learning needs (e.g. intellectual disability, learning disability, autism).  Yikes, I Saw a Barracuda! is available now globally and can be purchased online in the U.S. on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, & more. Individuals may also purchase their copies online via Amazon UK and Amazon Canada. Anderson Multicultural Books LLC values the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity. When speech language pathologists, educators, librarians, educators, and parents do so, it enriches lives and communities. Culture matters. Language matters. Diversity matters.

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