English/Language Arts Vocabulary Progress Monitoring

English/Language Arts Vocabulary Progress Monitoring


Grade Levels: 3rd – 8th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Vocabulary, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Assessment, Professional Documents, Printables

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 16 pages


Get this prepped for use as a school based SLP or give your private practice clients direct instruction & monitoring with educationally relevant therapy and informal assessments.

This is a curriculum vocabulary progress monitoring tool that is ideal for use by speech-language pathologists to measure children’s expressive English/Language Arts curriculum vocabulary skills. This resource includes 10 word lists with 105 total words that are 10 criterion referenced tests which measure students’ performance on a specific predetermined criteria of E/LA vocabulary.

Curriculum vocabulary knowledge and expression is a critical component in understanding academic content in all subject areas. Children with language disorders need direct instruction in curriculum vocabulary so they can comprehend vocabulary spoken by their teachers and explain academic concepts. Children also need to learn curriculum vocabulary so they can understand what they read across the content areas.

In this extensive resource, you will find expressive vocabulary progress monitoring documentation tools for SLPS to collect data on these English/Language Arts curriculum vocabulary categories:

Story Vocabulary- 25 words
Types of Nouns- 8 words
Types of Sentences- 11 words
Parts of Sentences- 8 words
Parts of Speech- 8 words
Types of Literature- 10 words
Types of Writing- 8 words
Text Features- 10 words
Figurative language- 7 words
Prefixes – 10 words

It is recommended that this tool is used prior to beginning language therapy instruction with a child on a targeted vocabulary skill. Then, the SLP should use this tool after several language sessions to assess a child’s semantic skills in the targeted area. SLPs may also instruct special education teachers how to use these informal assessments with students who have language based learning disabilities.

A curriculum glossary will be added to this resource for a quick and easy reference as needed when administering this informal assessment tool. To use this tool, first select a progress monitoring form, tell the student the vocabulary word and ask him or her to verbally express the definition. Write a + if the student correctly defines the word and a × if the student does not.

If you have any questions about this resource, submit them on this TPT page or email me at [email protected]

If you would like a receptive vocabulary informal assessment for E/LA vocabulary, purchase my Speech-Language Therapy Curriculum Assessments. This product evaluates this vocabulary in a series of 13 mini assessments (criterion-referenced) in a cloze sentence format with a word bank.


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