Fall Themed Multiple Meanings Vocabulary: Homographs

Fall Themed Multiple Meanings Vocabulary: Homographs


Grade Levels: 3rd – 6th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Vocabulary, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Activities, Printables, Games

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 29 pages



My speech-language students love this learning packet! I use it frequently in my sessions as it contains 3 activities that are perfect for differentiated instruction during speech-language therapy groups, language arts lessons, or literacy centers. Plus there is a fall game board that your students will ask to play over and over again!

There is a multiple choice activity with 30 homograph questions that require students to identify the correct meanings of underlined words using the context clues in sentences. Your students will be motivated to answer these questions when used with the enclosed fall themed board game. They’ll love marking their answers using dry erase markers after you laminate the question pages. .

Students may also play a matching game to correctly identify 60 target multiple meaning words with the corresponding definitions. The students should be given “matching mats” that have the written meanings. Then they take turns selecting words from the table and deciding if the word matches the definition on their mat. The student who finds all the matches for his or her mat wins the game. I usually pre-sort the corresponding vocabulary matches with each mat and paperclip them on each mat for easy storage.

The third activity included are 30 homograph vocabulary cards. First, the SLP or teacher should guide students with verbally stating 2 sentences using the given words to convey the 2 meanings. After that, students may have fun playing a memory game while solidifying their receptive and expressive vocabulary knowledge.

Students with language disorders, language based learning disabilities, and general education students benefit greatly from direct instruction of multiple meanings vocabulary, especially homographs. Because these words have the same spelling (e.g. light, state, pass) students have difficulty recalling the correct meaning in the appropriate language context.

Therefore, this learning packet will be an excellent addition to your language therapy lessons, special education classroom, or general education classroom. Enjoy using this product and I appreciate your feedback! Thanks.

Tamara Anderson
Building Successful Lives


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