Vocabulary Progress Monitoring


Vocabulary Progress Monitoring



This progress monitoring tool is comprised of several criterion referenced tests that will make data collection easier for you. I know how valuable it is for SLPs to have progress monitoring tools handy in their therapy sessions. This is an extensive resource that is ideal for use by speech-language pathologists to measure children’s semantic skills. There are 300 words included in this assessment. The entire tool is ideal for elementary school level students. Skills 5-9 are great to monitor progress with middle school students or even skills 1-4 with kids who have mild or moderate intellectual disabilities. You may also give general education Kindergarten -2nd grade teachers the object function, associations, categories, and similarities/differences sets to complete for RTI data tracking. This tool assesses these skills:

1) Object functions- 20 words (school & home items)

2) Word associations- 40 words

3) Categories- 10 groups

4) Similarities/Differences- 10 words

5) Synonyms/Antonyms- 40 synonyms, 40 antonyms

6) Multiple meaning words- 90 words

7) Oral definitions with Tier I words- 10 words

8) Oral definitions with Tier III (academic) E/LA words-20

9) Figurative language- 20



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