Homophones & Homographs- Back to School Baseline Checks

Homophones & Homographs- Back to School Baseline Checks


Grade Levels: 1st – 6th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Back to School, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Activities, Assessment, Minilessons

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 21 pages


This resource is ideal for speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, or classroom teachers to use as a pre-assessment or intervention/instructional tool. It contains a total of 110 vocabulary words to target 40 homophones and 70 homographs. Using this informal assessment tool, professionals can take beginning of the year or baseline data and then use this same tool as a post-assessment later in the year.

It may also be used during guided instruction after teaching a mini lesson on homophones and homographs. The SLP or teacher should model how to use the vocabulary in a complete sentence and/or verbally define a few example terms.

Back to School Homophones & Homographs will enable you to effectively elicit students’ expressive vocabulary skills of homophones and homographs.

If you would like additional activities to assess students’ comprehension and use of multiple meanings words or as an instructional tool, see my beach themed and baseball themed learning packets. The word list and recording form that is available with the baseball themed packet also works well with Back to School Homophones Homographs for progress monitoring.

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