Object Function Data Check Elementary

Object Function Data Check Elementary


Grade Levels: PreK – 3rd

Subjects: Special Education, Oral Communication, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Worksheets, Activities, Assessment

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 4 pages


This is a semantic processing resource from BSL Speech Language that is great to quickly check a child’s expressive vocabulary skills in the area of object function. Thanks for the 831 downloads from August 2014-December 2015.

The SLP or teacher should ask the 10 questions listed on the form and record the child’s responses. The SLP will record the child’s percentage of accuracy at the top of the data form.

Understanding and expressing object function is an integral part of language processing. Language processing requires children to understand a spoken or written message and demonstrate their comprehension by communicating their ideas. Language skills build on each other. The hierarchy of some of these language areas are: labeling, stating functions, associations, categorization, similarities, differences, multiple meanings, and attributes.

BSL Speech & Language has several other resources on TPT to address informal assessment and instruction/intervention in these areas. There are two different object function data checks in my vocabulary progress monitoring tool.

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