Speech Progress Monitoring

Speech Progress Monitoring


This is a data collection tool that records types of stuttering, percentage of stuttering severity, and secondary physical behaviors during stuttering episodes.  Another data collection form easily allows the SLP to measure speech intelligibility for children and adolescents.


This is a progress monitoring tool to be used by speech-language pathologists to informally assess children’s speech fluency and intelligibility. I made this product so that SLPs can easily collect data during a speech sample by recording the frequency and type of stuttering episodes as well as speech intelligibility at the word or utterance levels.

The fluency data collection form is essential for all SLPs who provide fluency therapy. In order to adequately track students speech fluency during therapy sessions, SLPs need to record the students’ percentage of stuttering severity. The form also reminds you to record the type of stuttering and secondary behaviors as well. This will also help you improve your ability to write measurable speech fluency objectives by including the types of dysfluencies and stuttering percentages.

The speech intelligibility form will be extremely helpful when working with children who have diminished speech intelligibility such as children with moderate intellectual disabilities and articulation/phonological disorders.

I have used these forms frequently in my weekly speech-language therapy sessions with students on my caseload.

Make sure you purchase the vocabulary progress monitoring resource to improve your data collection and structuring therapy sessions in this language area.


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