The Mitten Speech-Language Activities

The Mitten Speech-Language Activities


Grade Levels: 2nd – 5th

Subjects: Special Education, Speech Therapy, Winter

Resource Type: Activities, Printables, Literacy Center Ideas

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 13 pages



This is a speech-language activities pack geared towards improving the language comprehension, vocabulary, and speech articulation skills of children in 2nd -5 th grade. This resource includes 5 extension activities to complete after an SLP read aloud of the fiction text, The Mitten, by Jan Brett.

Select the activities that best correspond with the learning needs of the children on your speech-language therapy caseload. It does not include picture prompts for students. However, a field of choices are provided for “wh” questions, synonyms, and antonyms questions. There are 3 pages of Tier 2 vocabulary that require students to think critically and use context clues to decipher the meanings.

The Mitten has an “accelerated reading” level of approximately 3.9, but may be used with students in 2nd -5th grade.

Here is what is included in the 9 pages of activities:
1) 1 WH questions worksheet
2) 2 synonyms worksheets with word bank- 2 levels of terms
3) 2 antonyms worksheets with word bank- 2 levels of terms
4) 3 pages of Tier 2 vocabulary used in sentences- students write definitions using context clues
5) 1 page of 6 word lists for /s/, /z/, /sh/, /s/ blends, /r/, and /r/ blends- student/SLP records percentage of accuracy

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or write it on this page. I look forward to reading your feedback as I strive to create products that are engaging and related to the language underpinnings of the E/LA curriculum. Thanks for your support of Building Successful Lives Speech & Language. Click on the star to follow my TPT store!

Tamara Anderson


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