Listening & Auditory Memory Bundle

Listening & Auditory Memory Bundle


This product contains two data collection resources. You will receive a digital download of the Listening Comprehension Progress Monitoring and the Auditory Memory Data Check.



Many children and adolescents with communication, language, and learning disorders struggle with listening comprehension and memory. This is an essential bundle of my Listening Comprehension Progress Monitoring product and Short-Term Auditory Memory Quick Data Check. These areas are essential for communication, language, and school success. Both of the products in this bundle are informal assessments that will enable speech-language pathologists to evaluate children’s skills who are already in speech-language therapy. Classroom teachers and intervention specialists may administer it with students in the Response to Intervention (RTI) process to obtain baseline data and monitor progress over time.

The Listening Comprehension tool evaluates: following basic directions, following directions with basic concepts, comprehension of information with increasing length (1 sentence level, 3 sentence level, paragraph level fiction/non-fiction)

The Short-Term Auditory Memory Quick Data Check evaluates: number and sentence repetition You will also receive handouts on strategies and suggested activities to increase short-term auditory memory. You will receive a resource list to learn more about memory and it’s role in listening, language, and learning.

For more details, see the individual product pages. Contact me before purchasing if you have any questions. Why assess these areas? Listening and memory skills are essential for comprehension and learning. SLPs and teachers will know what to focus on in therapy and targeted intervention sessions to increase children’s weak skills. Do you ever wonder why some children with language disorders struggle to make progress? Many of them need targeted intervention with short term auditory memory. Listening comprehension and memory go hand in hand.


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