Speech/Language Therapy Curriculum Assessments (Receptive Language)

Speech/Language Therapy Curriculum Assessments (Receptive Language)


Grade Levels: 3rd

Subjects: Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Assessment, Printables

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 29 pages


Don’t miss out on this informal receptive vocabulary assessment! This product is designed for use by speech-language pathologists who support teaching the language underpinnings of the English/ Language Arts Common Core State Standards as related to students’ IEP objectives in the area of vocabulary comprehension and expression. SLPs have the clinical skills needed to provide direct vocabulary instruction that will improve students ability to learn the standards.

The 13 curriculum assessments included are informal standards based evaluation tools that can be used to collect baseline or pre-assessment data and for post- assessments after the vocabulary words are taught in speech-language therapy sessions.

The assessments provided will evaluate students’ understanding of the vocabulary skills that are needed to master 3rd grade standards. As a bonus, I have also included English/Language Arts vocabulary assessments according to categories such as types of nouns, types of sentences, parts of speech, story vocabulary, types of literature, types of writing, figurative language, and prefixes.

This product aligns with the 3rd Grade English/Language Arts standards. Other grade level Speech-Language Therapy Curriculum Assessments will be available in the future or you can use them with upper grade students now!

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I hope that this product will assist you in providing educationally relevant speech-language therapy services! My Guess What Curriculum Vocabulary Bundle is great to use for instruction after pre-assessment with specific skills from this Speech Language Therapy Curriculum Assessments product.

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