How Questions Progress Monitoring

How Questions Progress Monitoring


Grade Levels: PreK – 5th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Special Education, Speech Therapy

Resource Type: Assessment, Printables

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 10 pages


This How Questions Progress Monitoring tool is an essential part of a speech-language pathologist’s or teacher’s toolkit. The SLP or teacher should administer this quick data check or informal progress monitoring tool to children prior to beginning targeted intervention services. It is intended for preschool-elementary school age children. The entire tool may be administered or you can select the portion(s) of the tool that you would like to assess children’s language skills. This tool has questions for a variety of how questions including quality, quantity, feelings, and steps in a process.

After several speech-language therapy or intervention sessions, read aloud the same sections previously administered in this informal assessment tool. This may be used for children with an identified speech language disorder or those receiving Response to Intervention (RTI) for receptive/expressive language needs. You should record the score at the top of each form. You can also enter the data on the summative progress monitoring form.

This How Questions Progress Monitoring tool will provide information about the skills children can and/or can not do on the date of the informal evaluation. The results can assist in future speech/language therapy session planning or to make decisions for students in the RTI process in the public school system.

Please contact me if you have any questions at [email protected]. I desire to make quality and practical therapy materials for speech-language pathologists and materials for teachers too!

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Tamara Anderson, M.S., Ed.S., CCC–SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Education Specialist


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