WH Questions Progress Monitoring


WH Questions Progress Monitoring


This is a WH questions data collection tool for children receiving speech/language therapy or general education students in the RTI process.


Children need to learn how to answer “wh” questions. Listening comprehension and verbal communication are critical skills for all children. Children at risk for speech-language disorders or learning disabilities often struggle with these skills as well as those with identified communication disorders.  This progress monitoring tool can be used by the SLP or teacher to record students’ responses for those receiving Response to Intervention (RTI). The SLP can also use this criterion referenced tool with students already identified with a communication disorder during language therapy.

In this resource, you will receive 12 progress monitoring forms to measure students’ accuracy of verbally answering who, what, where, when, why, and mixed “wh” questions. There are a total of 165 question probes to elicit students’ verbal responses. This WH Questions Progress Monitoring tool includes:

1) 25 Who Questions *10 for Baseline & Post Intervention, 5 for 2 week interval checks (3 of these) **same for what, where, when, and why Q’s

2) 25 What Questions

3) 25 Where Questions

4) 25 When Questions

5) 25 Why Questions

6) 40 Mixed WH Questions *25 for Baseline & Post Intervention, 5 Q’s

for 2 week interval checks (3 of these)

It is recommended that this tool is used prior to beginning language therapy or RTI instruction with a child on a targeted comprehension skill. Then, the SLP or teacher should give the included 5 question data check every 2 weeks to monitor progress. Next, the SLP or teacher should repeat the longer “wh” question data check after 8 weeks or more to assess a child’s comprehension and oral expression skills in the targeted areas. Last, record all data on the summary form.

For use in therapy, use your SLP clinical judgment as to when to administer progress monitoring tool. You may prefer to repeat tool after 9 week intervals in the school setting to correspond with grading period/progress report times.





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