Story Elements Data Check

Story Elements Data Check


This is a data collection tool to measure children’s comprehension of key story elements. This may be used with 3-5th grade children and adolescents in middle school.  Story elements are an important part of elementary and middle school E/LA curriculum and language development for verbal narratives.


This is a curriculum vocabulary resource for speech-language pathologists and educators to use with upper elementary or middle school students. Before teaching about story elements, you can give them this quick data check to gather baseline data or you may use it at the end of a language therapy lesson or English/Language Arts class. If you prefer, you may use it as an instructional activity after a mini-lesson.

Students should read the cloze paragraph and fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary terms from the word bank. There are two versions of the Story Elements quick data check provided.


It is important that children and adolescents learn the vocabulary to discuss essential parts of stories. They WILL build communication, language, and literacy skills when they work on narratives in speech language therapy and the classroom too.




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