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I have solutions for speech-language therapists who need data collection tools, pediatric therapy materials, and resource guides to improve their work productivity and efficiency.  SLPs will be equipped with tools and techniques to deliver quality pediatric therapy. I have nearly 200 products available to maximize your success! Your speech-language therapy clients and students will enjoy using the speech-language activities while acquiring new skills. In my speech language therapy sessions, I constantly tailor the lessons to the needs of my students and differentiate instruction based on their learning/IEP objectives. I also read and analyze systematic research reviews, articles, and books to assist in the development of my SLP and educator products. My background/training as an SLP and educational specialist in the area of curriculum and instruction led to me creating several products to improve the communication, language, and literacy skills of children.

Purchase my progress monitoring tools directly from my website at the end of this page. It’s always a good thing to support a small business that provides essential services for special needs children and families. You can access all digital materials for immediate use from my online curriculum Teacher’s Pay Teachers (TPT) store. These products are ideal for use not only during therapy sessions, but also many are relevant for teachers during English/Language Arts lessons with students with language based learning disabilities. I also have a free SLP resource library here.  Have you heard of the amazing and interactive Boom Learning platform? I have over 50 language & literacy therapy activities there. Additionally,  children make tremendous progress with consistent literacy based therapy. Therefore, I purposefully recommend numerous books for use in speech/language therapy sessions, the classroom, and during family literacy time. You can view those recommendations in my Language & Literacy YouTube Channel and Building Successful Lives Bookshop here. Thanks for your support!

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Are you a parent that wants more information about speech/language development or ways to improve speech, language, and literacy skills in your child? Send me a message via my contact page on this website to learn about available evaluation and speech/language therapy services. I look forward to working with you and your child.

Here are  snapshots of some products and remember to shop in my website store for data collection/progress monitoring tools at the end of this page!