4th Grade English/Language Arts Common Core Standards Vocabulary

4th Grade English/Language Arts Common Core Standards Vocabulary


Grade Levels: 4th – 5th

Subjects: English Language Arts, Speech Therapy, Spring

Resource Type: Activities, Test Prep, Task Cards

Formats Included: PDF

Pages: 26 pages



This is an excellent resource for use in speech language therapy sessions, language arts lessons, and test preparation. It supports speaking/listening , language, reading, and writing standards from the 4th Grade Common Core Standards.

In this learning packet, you will receive 60 multiple choice questions that support these specific standards:

1) ELACC4SL4 (Speaking and Listening)
2) ELACC4L1-f, ELACC4L1-g, ELACC4L4, ELACC4L5 ( Language)
3) ELACC4RL5, ELACC4RL6 (Reading Literary)
4) ELACC4RI5 (Reading Informational)
5) ELACC4W2, ELACC4W3 (Writing)

This vocabulary activity may also be used with students in 5th grade who have not yet mastered skills addressed in the E/LA 4th grade standards.

A vocabulary sorting activity is also included so that students can practice categorizing 54 language arts terms into correct groups. This is a prerequisite skill for increasing language processing and comprehension of grade level content. The vocabulary relates to E/LA vocabulary addressed in grades K-5.

This learning packet has been used successfully in group speech-language therapy sessions with my students. It works well paired with my other resource: Basketball Challenge Speech, Language, and Academic Skills

Purchase both and use during guided practice activities with your students, and enjoy seeing your students master these E/LA standards!


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